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AX 2012 Visual Studio Projects not supported in Workflow Activities


The build workflow activities use XPOs to import code into AX and do the build. The CombineXPOs step does not support Visual Studio projects, as they are not XPOs in TFS but the actual VS files.
1) support VS projects in the CombineXPO - would require text encoding of binary files
2) find another mechanism to import the VS projects separately - this could prove to be a timing problem where X++ code depends on VS projects or the other way around - which do you import first?
Closed Sep 4, 2012 at 5:44 PM by JorisdG
Fixed in latest release


JorisdG wrote Jun 25, 2012 at 7:31 PM

Update on the issue:

1) encoding the VS projects works... however, the import from command line of CERTAIN types of projects doesn't work at all. We will log a case with Microsoft on this (since the import through UI works just fine... and this is the case with AX-generated XPOs as well).
2) Importing the VS project using an autorun.xml import step works, however the project will not build due to missing compiled X++ code of objects in the same build...
a) the command-line import of combinedXPO explicitly does not compile, since that seems to compile the whole AOT, which is not what we want
b) using autorun.xml to import combinedXPO allows you to compile just each individual objects, which makes the VS import work.
This will not just require a change in the AXTFS library, but also to the workflow, since this requires importing combinedXPO using autorun.xml instead of straight-up command line.

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