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Dynamics AX Build Scripts

This project is intended for the AX developer community to share scripts, code snippets and solutions related to source control, build processes and testing for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

If you are looking for Team Foundation Server (TFS) activities for Dynamics AX 2012, please use! If you are looking for PowerShell scripts or AX 2009 scripts, you're in the right project.

Build Activities

Build activities for TFS have been refactored entirely and are available from

How To Get Started

I have some information on my blog, including an overview of how to modify the standard build template, and an FAQ on AX & TFS. To use unit tests in your builds, download the SysTestListenerTRX classes. To setup a test project read my article on wrapping AX unit tests in a Visual Studio generic tests.

Please Contribute Your Scripts and Derivative Scripts

By sharing our scripts and code we use related to source code integration and builds, we're hoping to encourage others to do the same. Whether you have your own scripts, modified any of the scripts available in this project, we want to see it!
Please contact me and I will get you access to upload and maintain your scripts.

Special Thanks

To all contributors. We are trying to build something for the community, and we can't do it without your input.

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